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Carmack Moving and Storage – Expedited Moving Services
Centreville, Virginia – January 9, 2013 – Carmack Moving and Storage, Fairfax County’s leading relocation services provider, is now offering one-day moves.
Carmack Moving and Storage Offers Home Staging Service Discount
Centreville, Virginia (PRBuzz) January 10, 2013 -- Carmack Moving and Storage, located 25 miles east of Washington DC, recently announced the company is now offering a free crate for home staging clients.
Carmack Moving and Storage Offers Home Staging Service Discount
Centreville, Virginia, United States of America ( February 6, 2013 -- Homeowners and Realtors in Northern Virginia now have the option to de-clutter and securely store excess materials with Carmack Moving and Storage.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Carmack Moving and Storage Offers Handy Information on Packing

Whether across the state or from one coast to another, Carmack Moving and Storage suggests packing well to make the transition as stress-free as possible.

Clear Your Calendar

It seems like a no brainer but many people fail to schedule their move for an entire day, says Carmack Moving and Storage. It’s important to have time dedicated to process. According to the professionals at Carmack Moving and Storage, taking half a day off isn’t going to cut it. As well, it’s a good idea to arrange for child care if you are moving with small children.

Pick a Packing Spot

Make sure each room is organized with a dedicated area for packing. According to Carmack Moving and Storage, a well prepared workspace - complete with properly sized boxes, markers, and tape – will make things go a little smoother. Wait until one room is complete before moving on to the next, says Carmack Moving and Storage.

Priorities First

Ok, in this case, the priority items are actually last, acknowledges the team at Carmack Moving and Storage. Pack your least necessary items ahead of time, leaving the daily essentials to the last minute. Carmack Moving and Storage points out that certain areas of the home can be tucked into boxes and ready for transport weeks in advance. These include garages, attics, and guestrooms as well as any outbuildings. As well, Carmack Moving and Storage says that off-season clothes, shoes, and accessories are not a necessity and should be ready to go well ahead of moving day. If you are moving a long distance, Carmack Moving and Storage stresses that you should make sure to check the weather ahead of time and pull out enough appropriate clothes for at least a day or two.

Get OCD with Labels

Obsessively label boxes. Carmack Moving and Storage insists that bold markings on each side of your package will help identify what’s inside not only to you but to your moving crew as well. Mark anything with valuables as fragile; you can even put big yellow stickers on especially important boxes. If you need colored labels, you can check with a local print shop. They will often have full sheets of colored stickers that can be run through a home printer, says Carmack Moving and Storage. Label each box with the room it should go in and mark which should be packed first and what can wait. Carmack Moving and Storage says this helps the settling process go smoothly as there is no doubt as to where the box goes or what’s inside.

Manage Materials Meticulously

An average three-bedroom home requires upwards of 70 separate boxes, reports Carmack Moving and Storage. There are four basic sizes of moving boxes ranging from small 18 x 12 x 12” cubes to large 24 x 18 x 18”. Carmack Moving and Storage says there are also specialty boxes for everything from mattresses to cribs and mirrors. Make sure to know how many of each type you will need have plenty on-hand. A handy reference guide can be found on the Carmack Moving and Storage website at Also, don’t skimp on the heavy duty packing tape and buffer materials such as packing peanuts and old magazines and newspaper.

Pamper Your Personal Belongings

Glasses, home décor, and dishes or other ceramic pieces should be wrapped in at least to layers of newspaper before boxing. Tissue paper works well also, notes Carmack Moving and Storage. Items like silverware and jewelry should be wrapped prior to boxing and small toy pieces (like Legos or Barbie shoes) should be put into plastic baggies and taped to their corresponding mother-toy. Carmack Moving and Storage says there is nothing sadder than a tired child who’s just entered strange new surroundings who can’t find their beloved playthings.

Weight it Down

Put heavier items on the bottom of each box, says Carmack Moving and Storage. This provides stability and keeps smaller objects from getting crushed.

A Seam Shouldn’t be Seen

When getting your boxes ready for packing, Carmack Moving and Storage says that it’s vital to make sure to tape the seams well. If you can see your seam, it’s not done. Carmack Moving and Storage stresses that a little attention paid here can save you a ton of frustration later.

Make Sure Logistics Aren’t Lacking

If you are unable to be present for delivery have someone at the new location to point your moving team in the right direction. Carmack Moving and Storage says managing the flow of your items from one location to another is very important. You may know who each box belongs to and where it goes, but your help doesn’t.

About Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage started in the mid-1980s with one man, one truck, and one goal: helping people get where they are going. Today, Centreville, Virginia’s Carmack Moving and Storage has grown into the area’s premiere provider of relocation services. From planning, packing, and putting it in the truck to storage and tracking of your items, Carmack’s got your back. For more information on Carmack Moving and Storage, visit

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